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The Brief

Urban Sophistication is an experiential lifestyle brand famous for its interpretive, tactile phone cases and bags. The brand is loved by A-listers across the board from Bad Bunny to Justin and Hailey Bieber. They needed an agency who could reimagine and refresh their brand identity and create a conversion-optimized website in alignment with their effortlessly editorial style. What began as an email audit and recreation of their email flows grew into a nearly year-long engagement of web and growth services.
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Creating a digital sensory experience was at the heart of our creative direction for recreating Urban Sophistication’s website. We showcase both how the cases feel and how they make you feel, creating an entire immersive experience for users.

To round out the custom user experience, we created a “try it on” functionality on product pages so that visitors can now try on every case virtually to match their exact phone model and color combination.

We pushed the bounds of Shopify's custom development capabilities in building a complex interactive 3D module immediately below the fold on the home page. The experience enabled users to view the details of each case at any and every angle.

Third-party integrations implemented by our team enabled Urban Sophistication to optimize reviews, wishlists, and launch an entire rewards program. To increase AOV, we implemented bundle deals, and in-cart upsell modules.



We redefined Urban Sophistication’s text hierarchy, thoughtfully implementing stand-out text placements as visual design elements with the use of all caps and large font size.

EDITORIAL  |  clear  |  simple

Headings + buttons – MONUMENT GROTESK SANS - regular
body - MONUMENT GROTESK SANS - regular
Headings + buttons – MONUMENT GROTESK SANS - regular
body - MONUMENT GROTESK SANS - regular



We created a sense of space and embodied an editorial lifestyle feel in how we selected and placed product, model and editorial imagery.

Feels like your favorite pillow.

Feels like a marshmallow.


Thoughtful  |  Sensory  |  Evocative

Artful and descriptive copy ignites the imagination and depicts the positive feelings we experience from the brand’s product offerings. This perspective creates a customer journey that conjures up uniquely personal connections to the products.



An email marketing elevation and expansion was required to bridge the gap of the brand identity and its portrayal. The solution was was to help their team clarify and enhance the application of their visual identity across their email communications, creating clean, minimalist, and editorial-style emails and new flows.

Developing their DTC-informed email sequencing strategy was next. We executed on the complete configuration of their new automated email flows, which tactfully contained a mix of custom imagery and Klaviyo-native product blocks (using a personalized algorithm for product recommendations). This resulted in impactful yet clean designs that highlight the product features and the premium feel of the brand.



We centered the email content themes around storytelling and product education to accomplish two key objectives: to welcome their cult-following customer base into the brand's rich history of expression and inspiration while also informing them of the products' superior quality and hyper-detailed creation process.

After updating their Welcome, Winback, and Abandoned Cart flows, along with other essential eCommerce triggered emails, we took over additional email marketing campaigns. Mood Swings Park-- their month-long Black Friday Cyber Monday initiative--included new product drops, teasers, details and deals.


Launching Urban Sophistication’s first ever SMS program included the creation of their journeys, exclusive offers, as well as A/B testing. We saw impressively high engagement and gained a five-figure follower count in just six months. We also ran the brand’s Black Friday Cyber Monday SMS initiative.

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