The leading performance branding agency
The leading performance branding agency
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The Brief

Character, the leading performance branding agency uniquely positioned at the intersection of brand and performance marketing, turned to us for help with a full brand identity overhaul. We worked with the Character team, unearthing their core values to create a succinct rebrand that clearly conveys their expertise and successfully positions them as the leading agency in their niche.

Equipped with a new name, logo, and marketing collateral, along with a comprehensive brand book and captivating website, Character’s identity now matches the caliber of their services.
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Brand Identity

Logo Design

messaging & POSITIONING






webflow development





character logo animation
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character logo animation
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We brought to life a strong brand personality and visual framework across multiple channels on and offline.

Brand Book

Character’s brand book distills the entirety of its environment, essence, and expression. This encompasses the landscape the brand operates in, core brand positioning, and how Character presents itself in the digital world.

slide that
slide that reads 'Character', in smaller text, 'the landscape, visualized', with a diagram of Character's marketing efforts
slide that reads 'target audience', with a diagram that includes 'respectable, high-quality, buzz-worthy, established, current'
slide that reads 'brand strategy: brand positioning', with a diagram for purpose, vision, and mission
slide that reads 'values: what do we stand for', with supporting text that reads 'quality, authenticity, efficiency, intentionality, and creativity'
slide that reads 'our name: the many meanings of character'
slide that reads 'our tone' with useful examples listed afterwards
slide that reads 'our logos' with character logomarks displayed underneath
slide that reads 'photo treatment' with examples of character's design language for photos


Character’s new logo features a thick, easy to read text structure, negative space, and a pop of color for punctuation. The addition of blue also adds an element of playfulness to round out the impact of the logo.

Readable  |  Identifiable  |  Powerful


Bold | Symbolic | Clean

Character’s logomark depicts completion, connection, and opportunity. The CH from the logomark comes from the logotype, with the C completing what’s missing from the H.

This illustrates how Character is the missing piece that a brand needs to reach its full potential, and the fulfillment Character creates for clients. It is the key to the lock, the handle to open a door to growth.


Two contrasting fonts create a strong, harmonious typographic rhythm and a readable structure.

Steady | eye-catching | Distinct

heading 1– druk wide medium + lisong pro
heading 2 – neue montreal regular
body – neue montreal regular & bold
heading 1– druk wide medium + lisong pro
heading 2 – neue montreal regular
body – neue montreal regular & bold



Character’s color palette is based in a neutral black and white with balancing gray text placements. Blue makes up the core accent color, and lighter accents of orange are employed to add emphasis to action items.

The bright blue gives a feeling of trust, imagination, and security, while the contrasting orange evokes energy, happiness, and warmth.

clean | modern | Confident


Character’s voice is expert, authentic, and caters to the brand’s unique target audience. Character is a team of educators and storytellers, which comes through clearly in the honest and intentional messaging across all applications.




  • Email templates
  • Social templates
  • Email signature
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Client reporting deck
  • Pitch deck

After a smooth and successful website and brand activation, we continued our engagement with the Character team to create their collateral.


screenshot of tablet that reads 'the leading performance branding agency'
screenshot of tablet that reads 'the customer journey'
slide that reads 'the leading performance branding agency'
slide that reads 'we are character'
slide that reads 'what we do'
slide that reads 'best friends and business partners'
slide that reads 'our clients'
slide that reads 'we cut through the digital noise with what's real'
slide that reads 'creative' with illustration showing character's digital media approach
Reporting Deck
slide that reads 'june performance recap'
slide from reporting deck with mock timeline design
slide that reads 'community engagement' that displays example brand voice through social channels
slide from reporting deck with sample a/b testing
slide that reporting deck with sample timeline design
reporting deck slide that reads 'sneak peak' with preview of website mockup designs
reporting deck template


WebSITE Design

The Character design employs tasteful gradients and thin, clean, lines to clearly structure information. Rounded corners and wavy effects add a touch of playfulness and break up any sharpness for a friendlier feel.

Web Strategy


Educate | Clarify | Strengthen


  1. Segmentation We created a three-pronged contact form to segment Character’s incoming leads
  2. Visualization We took elements of the branding and visualized it through infographics, strategically balancing showing with telling by creating custom visual assets to depict their expertise
  3. Distillation We highlighted the user journey and distilled into parts, making it digestible and simple to comprehend.
  4. StatisticsWe let Character’s impressive numbers speak for themselves.
  5. Targeted Approach
    We addressed and catered our messaging to the brand’s unique target audience.



We launched paid media for drops and sales across Google, Facebook, and Instagram, including design direction and copy. Our team created custom landing pages for and implemented ads.


We implemented SMS flows and helped SET migrate platforms. Our team redid the SMS welcome journey and managed ongoing campaigns, providing strategic input along the way.

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revenue within 2 weeks
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campaigns in <1 month


We set up new welcome flows, a loyalty and rewards program, and designed all email marketing required to successfully market it.