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elevate your haircare
elevate your haircare
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The Brief

Luxury haircare brand J Beverly Hills sought to refresh their website and email marketing, seeking a high-end, modern, and conversion-focused appeal.

We crafted polished designs, expanded the brand identity, and drilled deeper into their three product lines—Blue, Platinum, and Men’s—to foster stronger connections with customers
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The main goals of the new website were to create a conversion-optimized, easy-to-navigate, and elevated interface. We chose a clean, gridded look that simplifies product discovery for DTC consumers and designed and integrated a custom salon finder map.

To curate products more effectively, we created a hair quiz to assist potential customers in finding the best offerings for their needs. We also developed a tailored user experience, incorporating an industry-specific lead generation process.


Our approach was to highlight  J Beverly Hills understated, classic appeal by showcasing the quality of their products, down to describing the benefits of each botanical.  This paints a full, detailed picture of what makes each product right for the purchaser. The copy on the site as a whole evokes Hollywood glamour and intrigue.


The new site features highly targeted landing pages containing new filtering capabilities for products and hair concerns, upsell features, and evergreen pages built for simple customization. A custom paid media landing page was optimized to educate and convert based on the products featured in the ads. Delivering a seamless, beautiful user experience, this site is tactically built to be both polished and practical.


The typography

For a fresh twist on the typography, we bumped up the impact of the font by using bold Aktiv Grotesk.

heading that reads: make your everyday exceptional
headings - Aktiv Grotesk Wide Bold
heading that reads: elevate your haircare
headings - Aktiv Grotesk Bold
paragraph that reads: hold me lite and glaze me are here to help your hair stay flawlessly styled. whether you need a light finishing spritz or a gentle hold, this duo's got you covered
body - Aktiv Grotesk Regular
headings - Aktiv Grotesk Wide Bold
headings - Aktiv Grotesk Bold
body - Aktiv Grotesk Regular

The colors

We applied a silver color and a gradient effect to emphasize shine and the boldness of the brand. Soft blue showcases the Blue line, and a shimmering sliver highlights the Men’s line.

J Beverly colors: #FFFFFF, #EDF2F8, #659EE2, #000000
gray gradient for men's collection and blue gradient for blue line
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The Emails

J Beverly Hills needed new email journeys that would nurture long-term relationships with their customers. After conducting A/B testing and an audit of their email marketing, we introduced new welcome, post-purchase, abandoned cart, cross-sell, upsell and win-back flows to their subscribers.


WhY It Worked

By incorporating quizzes, tutorials, ingredient spotlights, brand history, and customer-specific, targeted product features, we helped J Beverly Hills surpass their email marketing goals.