Sharma Brands

not your typical DTC agency
not your typical DTC agency
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The Brief

Sharma Brands, the brand strategy and growth agency founded by DTC expert Nik Sharma, was looking to level up its website to facilitate new business and to embody the brand's personality. After creating a striking new personal site for Nik Sharma, our next mission was to do the same for Sharma Brands.
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Visual Identity

Messaging & Positioning


UX / UI Design

Webflow Development

CMS Development

Custom Animations

Interactive Elements


Content Structure


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We designed the vibrant and energetic Sharma Brands' site to educate leads, showcase the diversity of the agency’s work, and to highlight the strength of Nik Sharma's entire brand portfolio.

We infused the site with distinctive qualities in both design and copy, creating an exciting experience for visitors in both light and dark mode. Custom animations and Easter eggs are hidden throughout the site, like interactive popping buzzword bubbles at the bottom of the Home page ‚ÄĒ can you find them all?

WebSITE Design

With a complementary color scheme to its sister site, the website cohesively nests within the larger ecosystem of Nik’s brands. Notable design features include the unique navigation placement and the trailing cursor. Even the 404 page was created to entertain with a gamified Nik looking for your lost page.

Web Strategy


Vibrant  |  primary  |  playful


  1. Position Sharma Brands as unique
    from other agencies by tactfully poking fun at typical agency jargon and showcasing Sharma Brands as the (self-aware) expert
  2. Surprise The User
    with playful interactions and daring design elements to stand out in the space
  3. Use Punchy, Confident Messaging
    to convey a self-assured authority and expertise in an entertaining fashion


The sister site to Nik Sharma’s personal website features a lightly abstract yet creatively easy-to-follow branding. The use of interesting fonts, italics, and a black-and-white color scheme with pops of primary colors highlights bright ideas and organizes information.

The addition of stars adds a touch of fun, while the thin line illustrations and intentional circular motifs modernize and balance the overall design, creating a creative, playful, and professional personality.


Bright |  Striking  |  Italics

heading that reads 'your full funnel digital escalator'
Headings - PP Neue Montreal Book
heading that reads 'your product is cool, but you're cooler'
headings - PT editorial new Italic
paragraph that reads 'we help brand maximize their potential by showcasing their identities and optimizing their value with fresh take and deep knowledge
body - Pt Neue Montreal Book
Headings - PP Neue Montreal Book
headings - PT editorial new Italic
body - Pt Neue Montreal Book


Vibrant  |  Primary  |  Playful  |  High Contrast

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The clean, geometric Sharma Brands "SB" logo incorporates the first letter of each word in the brand name. These letters move through the negative space like a road, symbolizing the journey the agency takes clients on and emphasizing the idea of driving brand growth. Although flat, the logo can appear 3D from certain perspectives, alluding to how Sharma Brands helps its clients stand out.

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The Sharma Brands logotype is digestible yet different. It strikes a balance between being compact yet bold, featuring divots, sharp lines, and corners that contrast with rounded, playful elements. Upside-down letters introduce both horizontal and vertical elements of symmetry.

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Direct | Expert | Bold

The copy effectively communicates the brand's expertise and innovative approach while maintaining a clear, charming, and straightforward style. The tone is both bold and edgy, yet also persuasive in its appeal to potential clients.

core values: transparency. we're honest. we discover what's working and what isn't for your brand, then develop a clear strategy to get you where you need to be


The Emails

J Beverly Hills needed new email journeys that would nurture long-term relationships with their customers. After conducting A/B testing and an audit of their email marketing, we brought new welcome, post-purchase, abandoned cart, cross-sell, upsell and win-back flows to their subscribers.




We launched paid media for drops and sales across Google, Facebook, and Instagram, including design direction and copy. Our team created custom landing pages for and implemented ads.



The new site features highly targeted landing pages containing new filtering capabilities for products and hair concerns, upsell features, and evergreen pages built for simple customization. A custom paid media landing page was optimized to educate and convert according to the products being pushed on the ads. Delivering a seamless, beautiful user experience, this site is tactically built to be both polished and practical.


We implemented SMS flows and helped SET migrate platforms. Our team redid the SMS welcome journey and managed ongoing campaigns, providing strategic input along the way.

the project fee earned in
revenue within 2 weeks
attributed to SMS
campaigns in <1 month


We set up new welcome flows, a loyalty and rewards program, and designed all email marketing required to successfully market it.

WhY It Worked

By incorporating quizzes, tutorials, ingredient spotlights, brand history, and customer-specific, targeted product features, we helped J Beverly Hills surpass their email marketing goals.

Launching Urban Sophistication’s first ever SMS program included the creation of their journeys, exclusive offers, as well as A/B testing. We saw impressively high engagement and gained a five-figure follower count in just six months. We also ran the brand’s Black Friday Cyber Monday SMS initiative.

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