Webflow World Tour: Diamond Hook Recounts Its Response to COVID-19

August 21, 2020

Jacob Sussman, the creative director of Diamond Hook and Alex Levy, its digital lead, presented at the Webflow World Tour in August, 2020. They outlined the ways in which Webflow enabled Diamond Hook and its sister companies to swiftly respond to the pandemic.

Teaming Webflow’s rapid website creation features and the marketing agency’s digtal acumen, Diamond Hook’s sister company Supply Hook promptly responded to COVID-19 by sourcing medical supplies urgently needed in America. Since March 2020, Supply Hook has distributed more than 15 million masks and 50 million units of PPE equipment, and donated more than 60 thousand units to hospitals and communities in need, thanks to a rapidly evolving website built on Webflow.

Through the momentum of this operation, Hook added another business to its portfolio, Hook Logistics, an ecommerce-focused 3PL that manages the processes of receiving, storing, sorting, and shipping products to customers. It’s still going strong today.

For a more in-depth look at this work, hear from both Jacob and Alex here.

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