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Activate body
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The brief.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hammered fitness facilities across the nation, a new digital face-lift from Diamond Hook helped Activate Body to reach its stride in style. Our conversion-savvy site led to double-digit bookings growth, unprecedented profitability, and a much healthier lifestyle for its customers.

Lose weight and feel stronger
Dodger Blue
R: 9
G: 148
B: 255
Orange Peel
R: 250
G: 162
B: 27
R: 255
G: 255
B: 255
Dark Purple
R: 51
G: 17
B: 51
Blue → Orange
Orange → Purple
Blue → Purple

The website.

Before embarking on their reopening, our team redesigned the Activate Body website with a few goals in mind:

1. Emphasize the precautions enacted to ensure client safety

2. Communicate the tangible success of Activate Body's clientele

3. Provide ample health and wellness guidance and resources to clientele prospects to drive greater conversions.

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