July 1, 2020
Jacob Sussman
3 min

Welcome to the new Diamond Hook

Today, we're proud to cut the ribbon on our latest digital storefront. A new site is an opportunity to broadcast your history, ethos, and craft to the world, and Diamond Hook has never told its story quite like this.

2020 has been the year to make or break countless businesses. As the world paused to protect itself from COVID-19, we found ourselves with a much-needed respite to look inwards and uncover our goals for the next phase of this journey.

Diamond Hook is now razor focused on three disciplines - brand strategy, digital experiences, and creative production. We consult on these verticals because we believe they are the foundation of your success.

Brand Strategy

In the age of countless consumer start-ups, products without a strategic differentiator are irrelevant and disposable. Equally important to your "brand idea" is how that identity is distilled into a personality and voice. Growth can only stem from a sound foundation, so we always lay this groundwork before building.

Digital Experiences

Your digital presence defines your product from introduction to purchase. If Diamond Hook practices a craft, it's the art of storytelling on the web - the narratives that allow you to define your business on its own terms. We collaborate with you to craft the chapters in this brand story, which range from elegant sites to the diverse media touchpoints that reach consumers wherever they spend their time.

Creative Production

In an aestheticized world of commerce, controlling brand imagery is an indispensable tool for differentiation and messaging. Our Creative Production department is the final executional phase in crafting a persona that breathes life and vitality into your business. We do this in house because we've found internet aesthetics are changing faster than our competitors can keep up.

What's Next?

We're excited for the future of the agency. As technology has transformed our world, the role of a digital consultant has never been more urgent. We look forward to the successful businesses we'll build with you, and the good times we'll share along the way.

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