August 26, 2020
Seal-Bin Han
6 min

In September, Diamond Hook is launching Hook Logistics, the most transparent 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider in the game.

Through our work with direct-to-consumer businesses, we’ve learned that selecting a 3PL is easy (there's so many!), but enjoying your experience is extremely rare.

A 3PL is a simple business focused on order fulfillment. Whether you sell your goods online or to a retailer, we handle everything from the moment the goods leave the manufacturer to actually shipping them out to the end customer. A good 3PL helps your business to grow by fulfilling orders accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively.

You would think the billing for a service like this would be relatively straightforward, but that simply isn’t the case in the fulfillment business. Every little thing has its own line item and you end up with invoices that are as long as your Walgreens receipts (unfortunately, with no coupons).

This never sat right with us. When I go to the ice cream shop and the menu says that a scoop of ice cream with sprinkles is $4, I expect to get exactly that. I would be pretty shocked if the server turned around and said “You never mentioned you wanted a bowl, spoon, and napkins. Also, we charge by the sprinkle. No, you can’t use the bathroom.”

After encountering this sort of opaque service a few times, we decided we were going to do it ourselves, and do it better.

Starting September 1, 2020, Hook Logistics will open its doors at our new facility in Ridgefield, NJ. We hope to give our clients the experience we would expect of a 3PL by staying razor focused on offering the best customer service and maintaining a strict diet of “no fees.”

Instead of hiding how we make money, we’re really open about it. We charge a single per-shipment fee, which is set based on your monthly volume. And of course, we avoid all the small fees that make working with a 3PL unpredictable and costly.

Altogether, we hope Hook Logistics will be the model for the next generation of 3PL industry leaders that are looking to truly serve their clients, rather than profit off them. If not, well, more ice cream for us.

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