Set Active

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Shopify operations and development
SMS and email marketinG
conversion rate optimization
paid media

The Brief

SET Active is an exclusive LA-based athleisure brand beloved by celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Charli D'Amelio. SET enlisted the help of Diamond Hook to manage their Shopify store and spearhead new growth efforts from the ground up.

The Growth

SET enlisted Diamond Hook to launch a new SMS channel and social ads - all with less than two weeks before their highly-anticipated BFCM sale. We rapidly grew the SMS subscriber list to generate a half million dollars in revenue in less than two weeks. The exponential growth has continue since, tracking for a year-long ROI multiple in the hundreds.
in revenue
the project fee in revenue in <2 weeks

The Website

From leading multimillion dollar product drops to SAAS partner implementations, Diamond Hook is fully responsible for executing all of SET's website needs, flawlessly. Our team has facilitated the addition of numerous new features on the site, such as a members only shopping experience, Loyalty and Rewards program, security updates, and more.

DH in Action



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